31 б + 16 баллов за лучший с задание

31 б + 16 баллов за лучший с задание

  • 1)the baby had to bekept in an airtight bubble because..it was born premature.

    2)The parents were allowed to take the boy home because..he had recovered completely and it was not necessary for him to stay in hospital any longer.

    3)Adrian Thrasher believed gene therapy could work because..it had proved to be effective so far.

    4)Doctors are careful not to be too optimistic about the operations becausethe patient has got acardiac decompensation.

    5)Doctors should be able to cure more illnesses in the future because..medicine has advanced greatly and keeps making progress.


  • …He was veryweak
    …He felt badand had to go home from the nursery school
    …Ithad alot of strong sides and because experiments he made were successful
    …It is veryhard to forecast the human health, how will his organism behave during theoperation
    …Technical progress will go far and a lot of cures willbe invented with new knowledges
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